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Object of Desire: Maison Père, Paris

There’s plenty of boutiques in Paris, a city often cited as one of the fashion capitals of the world. But there’s something different about Maison Père, a boutique in Saint Honoré showcasing the next big things in fashion.

Each coat and sweater is picked out or designed by super-cool owner and designer Camille Omerin, who got her start at Chloé and Chanel before being called to branch out on her own. And inspired by her fondness of fur and feathers, there’s a luxe, Art Deco appeal uniting her collections – which are named after much-loved family members. In fact, the vintage, chic aesthetic that unites the store’s look is thanks to her mother and grandmother. But despite their detail and decoration, each piece is still a marvel in modern style.

The boutique itself is another expression of Camille’s striking personal style, brought to life by her interior designer friends Hugo Toro and Maxime Liautard. Their only instruction was ‘red and Art Deco’, and the result is an evocative, bold space characterised by velvet, marble, antiques and – of course – lots of luxe pops of red. In fact, Camille’s hands-on, holistic approach – and dedication to ensuring her boutique was the right fit for her collections – meant she designed a lot of the pieces herself after failing to find furnishings with that je ne sais quoi. The handcrafted French screens, leather benches and velvet armchairs decorating the space were all dreamed up by Camille before being crafted by local artisans. And they make shopping the fashion pieces at Maison Père an immersive experience that’s favoured by some of Paris’ biggest stylists.


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