Object of Desire

Object of desire: L’Objet’s collection at St James’s Hotel and Club, London

It may no longer be an invitation-only destination for the traveling elite, but St James’s Hotel and Club, Mayfair, is no less luxe. And its exquisite serve ware by L’Objet is testament to that.

When stepping inside St James’s Hotel and Club, Mayfair, you can’t miss its gentleman’s club-reminiscent decor. And this look is perfectly in keeping with its legacy, which dates back to 1857 when an English aristocrat and a Sardinian minister used the space to host traveling diplomats and other elite figures, like Winston Churchill and Ian Fleming, Now, the renovated hotel and club pays homage to its former life of excess, and throughout every aspect of the venue there’s an emphasis on the very best – from its cuisine and wine, to its technology and decor.

L’Objet’s Malachite collection – a set of luxurious, unique dinnerware pieces handmade from Limoges porcelain and 24-karat gold – adds drama to dinner at St James’s Hotel and Club. With its rich Chesterfield green and black tones, luxury is the lasting look – and the pieces are truly built to last too, thanks to L’Objet’s values of craftsmanship and functional form.

If you want to bring the look home, shop the Malachite saucer and espresso cup for your kitchen, and the gilded round box for wherever you’ve got personal items that need a classy covering.

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