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Object of Desire: le Chardon, Poland

Le Chardon is the product of the dream of three French-Polish cousins, passionate of farming and textile, who discovered the ultimate refinement of alpaca wool. With the firm intention to combine the highest respect for the animal and produce the best quality of alpaca fiber. Since 2015, Le Chardon is proud to offer a little island of paradise to a five-generation alpaca herd in Lower Silesia, Poland. The alpacas are sheared in their meadow and the wool is carefully transformed on-site. Mindful of the environment, the well-being of the animals and people, Le Chardon duvet is truly a dream come true, from our farm to your bed.

Meet the alpacas

The alpaca is a sweet and sociable creature. It consumes on average a third of the water and half the food compared to a sheep. The Chardon herd lives freely and comfortably, and the alpacas sport big and fluffy wool when the Polish winter comes. They choose to shear our alpacas in the Spring, to prepare them for the Summer temperatures. The well-being and care of the alpaca is directly correlated to the quality of the fiber. Le Chardon prides itself in raising and caring for its own herd of alpaca.

The Wool

Alpaca wool provides unparalleled health benefits compared to other bedding solutions. To resist the wide temperature ranges of the Andean plateau (from -25° to 35° C), the alpaca evolved a very fine fiber (12μ to 25μ) pierced by microscopic air pockets. This results in wool with thermoregulating properties, which adapts to your temperature for optimal comfort. The alpaca fiber offers a very high control of humidity, keeping you dry and cool in the summer. Unlike sheep wool, alpaca wool is chemical-free and does not contain lanolin (water-repellent wax). Therefore, allergens do not infiltrate the duvet, making it an ideal choice for people suffering from asthma or allergies, as well as for babies.


Who are we?

Charles de Nicolay, Founder of Le Chardon & Head of the farm. French.

David de Jouffroy, Founder of Le Chardon & Head of design & production. Franco-Polish.

Paul Roitfeld, Founder of Le Chardon & Art Director. French.

100% Alpaga Duvet – Double 140 x 200 cm

100% Alpaga Duvet – Double 140 x 200 cm


100% Alpaga Duvet - Double 140 x 200 cm

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