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Object of Desire: Hend Krichen, London

Discover the work of Hend Krichen, a Tunisian born London-based ceramist. Her collection is a celebration of her cultural heritage and passion for craftsmanship with a youthful and modern twist. She resumes her work philosophy: “producing beautiful, timeless objects designed to enrich everyday lives through the use of the rich artisanal skills.” One look at her collection, and we were sold.

Taking inspiration from different regions, Hend Krichen embraces the variety and authenticity of the crafts manufacturing platforms available across rich cultures. This approach has also helped in maintaining an ethical network of manufacturers across the various locations.

The materials Hend has chosen to work with are kept in a raw and natural form, physically revealing each country’s identity and showcasing the available natural resources through products that can be used within the home in everyday life.

“It visually illustrates a harmony between the pink blush terracotta and the ever so trendy copper detail, perfectly married to reflect a melange between the old and the new, traditional and modern.”

Flâneur Magazine

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