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How to get the Moroccan look in every room?

For Moroccan decor inspiration, look no further than the North African country’s rich historic past. From early Islamic influences to the rich traditions of the Berbers, and the later presence of European settlers – this nomadic diversity has lent Moroccan style a colourful, textured signature look. Roman-inspired mosaics and tiles are a standout feature of Moroccan decor, along with Islamic-inspired art and woven textiles traditionally crafted by Berbers, who use wool and plant dyes to create vibrant, bright patterns. And as travel’s key to this country’s culture, think portable accessories like poufs and trunks to complete your Moroccan inspired interior. Here’s how to get the Moroccan look in every room.

Moroccan living room decor ideas

The heat of Moroccan living means patterned rugs on hard floors are favoured over carpet in Moroccan-inspired living rooms. Go bold with a more traditional style in bright colours like pink, purple and red, or nod subtly to Moroccan decor with a monochrome Berber rug made from 100% natural wool. Layering up’s another way to get the Moroccan look – layered rugs are a staple of Moroccan style. And top this colourful base with statement furniture with similarly bold designs, like this cream and red handmade Moroccan armchair, with a matching orange striped, hand-stitched Moroccan cushion. Woven fabric is key for getting Moroccan style textiles right. Especially on overstuffed cushions and rounded poufs to create extra seating space.

Moroccan dining room decor ideas

To add Moroccan style to your dining room, choose feature pieces with intricate details – like cabinets tiled with a mosaic of mother of pearl, or wooden dining tables carved with intricate patterns. For added authenticity, pick wooden and woven furnishings made from native Moroccan species like the doum palm and laurel trees – this Moroccan style stool’s traditionally woven and makes social dinner times easy. Finish the look, and capture the atmosphere of balmy summer nights sharing tagine al fresco, by accessorising with candles – a candle mirror’s a great way to add warmth and light.

Moroccan kitchen decor ideas

Like the spices and flavour that pepper Moroccan dishes, to capture Moroccan style in the kitchen, choose accessories that pack a punch. Materials should be earthy and artisan – think terracotta plates in rich tones, and handcrafted pottery in bright colours, like these red geometric teacups. If your current kitchen’s more pared-back, patterned kitchen accessories in a monochromatic palette are another great Moroccan kitchen idea – this salad bowl’s black and white, but suitably bold. Or, go even bolder with a traditional Moroccan runner – it’s an affordable and playful way to add a pop of colour, and the added texture will keep your kitchen cosy.

Moroccan bedroom decor ideas

It’s the room in which you want to feel most relaxed, so Moroccan bedroom decor should be textured and tactile. Layering works well for capturing Moroccan style in the bedroom, especially if you’re looking to keep most of your current furnishings. Choose carved wooden bedside tables, placed either side of a bed topped with a handwoven Moroccan blanket – textiles are the perfect way to add colour and comfort. And to further warm up your sleeping space, a well-chosen Moroccan rug placed at the foot of your bed, or in front of a carved or tile-topped wooden chest of drawers, is a great finishing touch.

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