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Modern European design ideas for every room in your home

Don’t let the name fool you – when it comes to Modern European home design ideas, paying attention to the interior decor style’s rich heritage is a must. Heavily influenced by the ancient Greeks and Romans, Modern European design is characterised by its emphasis on craftsmanship and quality: handmade, unique furnishings are favoured over the mass produced. As a result, Modern European pieces mix classic and vintage shapes – like carved wooden legs on sofas – with more modern silhouettes. Natural materials, like wood and marble, that are readily available in European countries are favoured over the manmade. While rich upholstery – think Italian villa – is as popular as light linens and cottons. If you’re looking for Modern European home design ideas, mirrors and lighting are key too: they recreate the abundance of light and warmth found in European homes. And colours are deep and playful, with an earthy or jewel tone, to create a pared-back palatial look. Here’s how to capture the Modern European look in every room of your home.

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Modern European bedroom design ideas

Shapes and silhouettes are more angular than organic in Modern European decor. So pick bedroom accessories that follow suit, like a classic Italian clock radio in a chic shade. If you’re adding an armchair to your space, lean towards mid-century styles – this wood and red fabric armchair makes a striking Modern European focal point. When combined with hand-carved wooden side tables in ornate shapes, and crisp white bed linen, you’ll definitely capture the Modern European interior style.

Modern European kitchen design ideas

Capturing the Modern European home design in the kitchen comes down to picking the right accessories. Remember that natural materials are prominent in this style, so a large wooden chopping board adds function as well as form. While dishware should be kept contemporary – like a dark-rimmed white salad plate, or an organic-looking looking set of pink and terracotta deep plates.

Modern European dining room design ideas

Dining’s an important social affair in European countries, so it’s important not to overlook this space when styling your Modern European home. A statement rug’s an easy was to add rich colour and texture, while also making a feature of a contrastingly sleek wooden dining table: try a hand-woven red rug for a regal feel. And while there’s lots of design avenues to explore under this umbrella design term, the French farmhouse look works well here, especially when it comes to dining chairs. Think light beechwood dining chairs with curved backs, or pared-back handmade wooden stools.

Modern European living room design ideas

Much like in many cultures worldwide, the living room is the Modern European home’s highlight. So don’t be scared of elaborate touches to make your Modern European living room stand out. An ornate metallic lamp will recreate the European sunshine, while also adding an elegance typical of the Modern European interior style. While hand-finished pieces, like a large tiled cabinet, will offer colour as well as charm. And when it comes to adding textiles, natural colours and materials – like a green cotton throw – give the living room a cosy character, typical of design in more rural areas of Europe.


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