Meet the Maker: Paola Muñoz Andrea Pineda, Chef of La Terrazza by Floret, Florence - Maison Flâneur
Meet the Makers

Meet the Maker: Paola Muñoz Andrea Pineda, Chef of La Terrazza by Floret, Florence

Floret is all about the free state of mind, nourishing inside-out and merging different cultures and traditions to create a new culinary experience, Maison Flaneur asks chef extraordinaire Paola Muñoz Andrea Pineda how she identifies with this concept. 

“I am from Latin America and I moved to Italy with the desire to explore, learn and approach different food cultures to enrich my own. I believe we belong to the land where our roots are. It carries our identity, our traditions, and our gastronomical culture, that will be deeply rooted within us. Being far-away from home makes me appreciate ingredients from Latin America even more, but I have also grown very fond of working with ingredients from Italy. Fortunately, I can choose to be close to my roots and my origins through a simple ingredient or preparation as floret is all about merging cultures. Food has always been a medium to destroy barriers between cultures and what we have created at floret is very similar to that concept. We choose the best ingredients from different parts of the world, we gather them all together to bring a bit of magic into every preparation, what we create with food is so deep and clear that we unite cultures, people and places through a single dish.”


Discover La Terrazza by Floret’s c0-owner, Tamara

And their incredible collection here. 


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