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Meet the Maker: 3 questions to Luca Longobardi, Owner of 108 Garage, London

It would be preposterous to think one could resume Luca Longobardi’s life in a paragraph. For this first quick-fire interview, we will give you three facts about the owner of the 108 Garage and South Street restaurants.

1. In 2010 Luca Longobardi was falsely accused and arrested in Brazil as part of a crackdown on international banks. Wholly exonerated it did not stop him to be on the Interpol List as one of the most wanted men in the world and spending 30 days in one of South America’s most notorious prisons. No biggie.

2. Luca Longobardi advertised for his venue 108 Garage with a plea for a chef on Gumtree, the website generally associated with searches for flatmates or second-hand cars rather than award-winning staff, to find his next chef. Smart Cookie.

3. Luca Longobardi’s next venture, Home Noir, will combine his experience in finance, his passion for blockchain and love for hospitality. A members’ club existing physically and digitally with its own currency, Home Noir intends to unleash the power of the collaborative community, empowering progressive minds through blockchain.

How did you think about the space?

We wanted to honor the original purpose of the space and create an environment that felt low key and relaxed, somewhere comfortable and informal to serve food of the standard and quality you would usually associate with fine dining.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Always seeing opportunities rather than problems.

Are there specific details of the restaurant you are particularly keen about?

The open kitchen brings something really special to the space, a kind of kinetic energy that’s infectious. I also love the copper top kitchen counter, it gives the whole space a warm hue while still feeling industrial – it’s one of my favourite places to sit and watch the food I’m about to eat being freshly prepared.

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