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Maison Flâneur x Anissa Kermiche Collection

Together with the talented Anissa Kermiche, Maison Flâneur is thrilled to present a collection of delicate, sculpted carafes.

This cheeky glassware borrows its form from Kermiche’s classic Popotins and Tit for Tat candleholders and comes in a dizzying array of beautiful pastels.

Introducing Maison Flâneur X Anissa Kermiche Tit for Tat Glass Carafe. A bold conversation piece made in an exaggerated figure form. Expertly hand-blown and crafted in Portugal. These carafes have a deliciously mischievous appeal that makes them perfect for your dining table.

We are pouring over this new collection. Fill with water or wine or use it to present your florals. We hope you love our latest collaboration as much as we do.

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