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Lost in Translation: Live Your Film Fantasies at These Hotels

Over the last year and a half, we’ve all done our fair share of armchair travel. We dreamt of swimming in the Mediterranean and scaling the Alps, but mostly, we just watched a million movies.

As we worked our way through our Netflix queue and binged series after series, we started to realise that we weren’t just whiling away the hours. No, we were actually gathering inspiration for our future travels. Because even if we’d never be able to stay at the Grand Budapest Hotel, we could recreate our favourite films on our next trips.

Love Lost in Translation? Book a room at Trunk Hotel. Though it may not tower over Tokyo like the Park Hyatt, it also won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Trunk Hotel is tucked away in a beautiful corner of Shibuya and packs the same sleek design punch that you’ll find in Sofia Coppola’s classic. Uta Hiroba, a gloriously gaudy karaoke bar, is a stone’s throw away to really live out your Bill Murray dreams.

Craving an Out of Africa experience? Jet off to Little Mombo in Botswana. Sure, Robert Redford won’t be washing your hair (and if he is, consider us jealous), but the incredible scenery and setup at Little Mombo, a wilderness reserve in the Okavango Delta, is not to be missed.


Into American Psycho? Check out Hotel Americano. This sleek, mid-century modern hotel is as refined as Patrick Bateman’s business cards. The good news is you won’t find any clear plastic raincoats hanging in the closet. The bad news? You’ll never want to check out.

Hooked on Ingrid Goes West? Head over to Palihouse Santa Monica for your very own California adventure. While we don’t recommend the whole single-white-female thing, we do strongly urge you to book a room here. Every corner of the hotel has something exciting to see (and Instagram). We love it.

Can’t get enough of Mamma Mia? We highly recommend a trip to Santorini’s Vora. Teetering on the edge of the caldera overlooking the bluest of blue waters, this lovely boutique hotel will have Abba running through your head on repeat. 

Never tire of Call Me by Your Name? Then a long weekend at Villa Lena is just what the doctor ordered. A cool, creative mecca, Villa Lena is not your typical agriturismo. This Tuscan getaway is perfect for dreamers; we can just picture Elio stretched out across one of the sofas here. Can’t you?

Obsessed with The 39 Steps? Rest your weary head at the St. James Hotel. Only a short trot from the royal palace, this hotel is just the kind of place Richard Hannay and Anabelle Smith might hang out. Its sumptuous interiors practically invite intrigue and intimacy. The perfect spot for a bit of subterfuge.  


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