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Interview: Meet the traveler on Hotel Weekend

If you are here, it means we have some things in common: we all love traveling, room service, sleeping in big beds at boutique hotels, and meeting new people along the way. We recently met Dionas Sotiriou, an inspiring entrepreneur who just founded Maison Flâneur. With them, we share our passion for souvenir hunting, discovering hidden gems and collecting passport stamps.

On Maison Flâneur’s story

I started thinking of Maison Flaneur after visiting one of my favourite Korean in Soho and wanting to buy this beautiful jug they had in the restaurant; the waiter had no clue of the brand neither did the manager – conclusion I am still looking for it.  We see our hotels and restaurants as tastemakers, spending a lot of time and resources in creating exceptional spaces with exceptional objects. Maison Flaneur gives you access to this treasure trove of unique homeware and stories. Our mission is to put  homeware back in the context of the trends and cultures that shape the new generation of customers.

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