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Interview : Dionas Sotiriou on The Design Sheppard

Have you ever been to a restaurant or hotel and fallen in love with the decor? Or even spotted a hotel or restaurant online and wondered where they got their decorative accessories or furniture? This happens to me ALL THE TIME. Granted, a lot of the time I can spot the brands immediately, god knows I spend enough time researching and writing about this stuff to recognise it. But occasionally, I will see something amazing and have no idea where to get it or who makes it.

Luckily, this is where Maison Flaneur comes in. Founded by Dionas Sotiriou and now run with his university friend Gabriel Moukhbat and school friend Marie Winckler, Maison Flaneur is “the destination of choice for travellers and home enthusiasts looking for a unique and ever-evolving collection of homeware products curated from the best hotel, restaurant and hospitality experiences across the world.”

Curious as always, I wanted to hear the story directly from the horse’s mouth, so I drew up some questions for Dionas and he kindly agreed to answer them for me.


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