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Interior Gifts Dad Will Love

Life is a whirlwind. We get caught up in our lives, our jobs, our friends. Sometimes we can forget about some of the people most important to us: our loving, supportive father figures. Luckily, there’s a dedicated to all those dads out there. And even more luckily, it’s right around the corner.

This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 19th. And though it’s still a few weeks away, but rather than ending up in a frenzy of last-minute panic, we’re getting our ducks in a row early to find the perfect Father’s Day gifts. Whether dad is the grill guy or the couch potato, he’ll certainly love one of our top choices. And if he doesn’t? Well, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Here are the extra special interiors gifts on our list – the perfect gift guide for every type of dad under the sun.

For the Master Chef dad:

Whether his kitchen is confidential or not, any father figure who relishes preparing dinner for the family will love a set or serious cutting boards. Muller van Severen’s sleek polyethelene boards are not just great to look at; they’re also supremely functional. Pair this with a great few fab Japanese knives and he’ll have the ultimate culinary tool set.

For the board-games-around-the-fire dad:

Bring the cosy outdoors with an incredible steel oven from Graanmarkt 13. Pop will be able to regale the whole family with stories of his past glories all summer (and winter) long with this stunning oven. Don’t have an outdoor space? Plump up his favourite chair with cool Tashkent Linen Cushions. Every time he sees them, he’ll be inspired to whip out the chess board.

For the Sunday lie-in dad:

Make all his dreams come true with a bed fit for a king. You’re probably not planning to replace the whole bed (let’s not throw the baby away with the bathwater!), so a set of silky new sheets will do the trick.

For the shaken-not-stirred dad:

Even if he’s more into mocktails than cocktails these days, dads of the showman persuasion will love being able to serve their friends and family – or themselves – in style. Wrap up a futuristic cocktail shaker and call it a day. Or toss in a bottle of booze-free-but-still-brilliant Ghia to up the ante.

For the gym rat dad:

We all love our father figures and want them to live long, healthy lives, right? So, let’s encourage those positive habits and give our dads the gift of wellness. Go big with a Peloton or the Mirror or keep things simple with a cushy yoga mat in dad’s favourite colour. All will keep him in fit, fighting form and look great at home. A little father’s day jog together never hurt anyone either!

For the minimalist dad:

Is your dad a big fan of Marie Kondo who doesn’t want to clutter up his space any more than it already is? Get him something small and unobtrusive that’ll brighten his space with scent – a luxury eco candle. He’s done so much for you, so it’s certainly time he stop and smell the roses.

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