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Interior design colour trends 2020 and how to style them

Each year, the biggest tastemakers, interior designers and trend forecasters come together to predict the next big things in interior design. And each year, they put together a list of the most popular forthcoming colours along with their grander design predictions. So to help you stay on top in 2020, we’ve spoken to our insiders-in-the-know and gathered their predictions for the colour trends of 2020 – along with our guide to styling them at home.

Bold and abstract colour trend

Think Mondrian prints and the latest paintings in the Tate – the bold and abstract colour trend 2020 is about combining clashing colours, making use of white space, and unusual pairings that keep the eye’s attention throughout every room. When it comes to picking your base colours, we prefer muted or dulled shades of primary tones, like burnt oranges and teals, to tone down the look and make it easier to style. Try adding a muted green lounge chair or handwoven rug to your living room, paired with this artistic Mondrian-inspired colourful lamp.

Natural and neutral colour trend

If your taste’s a little more pared-back, don’t worry – naturals are also making a comeback in 2020 interior design trends. We’re talking beige, brown, terracotta and cream, paired with lots of natural textures like wood and leather, plus foliage (if you can keep it alive). It’s relatively easy and low-risk to style, too – just keep your main canvas blank and bring in warm, neutral-toned accessories and textiles to shape your space. This stone candle holder is a natural beauty, especially when paired with these brown leather cantilever chairs and hand woven cream rug.

Bold monochromes colour trend

Keeping your colour theme monochrome isn’t exactly a colour trend, but for 2020 this design trend is being tipped to favour a few key colours: rich green and navy blue. Going all out with these colours, from wall paint to rugs and furniture, will help you achieve the monochrome look while staying in 2020. And as long as you’re not colour-shy, it’s an easy trend to style thanks to its adherence to a strict one-colour palette. Go blue with this Carolina Irving tablecloth and blue head vase. Or keep it green and simple with this green suspension lamp paired with green walls and a green velvet sofa.

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