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How to style your home for summer – quick, affordable design tips

Summer’s here, and the weather’s getting warmer, lifting our spirits and making us head outside even more. But, while nature’s great at summer, your home can be too – with our quick, affordable design tips for styling your home for summer. Each summer design idea will make your home fit for the season, with summertime colours, fun prints and materials that’ll help you stay cool. Which means even after the sun comes down and you head inside, you’ll still feel the summertime spirit.

Choose light, bright colours

It should go without saying, but summer’s all about light, bright colours and shades – for your home as well as your wardrobe. Not only will it increase the illusion of light in your space, it’ll also mirror what you see outside. Think light blues and greens, like this light blue striped towel, and peachy and rosey, like this pink striped towel. This pink and orange French wall print is tongue-in-cheek – perfect for a high energy season. And this twisted green vase says summer with its look and shape – mimicking an ancient Greek vase.

Stick to lightweight fabrics and textiles

Summer’s warm weather’s a blessing in the day, but at night it can be overwhelming, especially without air conditioning. So swap heavy fabrics and textiles for pieces in lightweight materials this summer to help you keep cool, like this printed tile design cotton throw and grey and cream tassel throw. Switch textured materials like velvet for cotton, too – this orange striped cotton cushion is perfect for topping a green, navy or burnt orange velvet sofa. You’ll keep the look, without compromising on comfort.

Pick pieces in natural materials

Summer’s the season where design goes natural – in shade, style and material. This summer, add rattan and wicker to your walls and space to embrace the natural side of summer style. It’s affordable and statement-making – like these woven patterned wash baskets and this rattan sun mirror. For a more playful look, add these wooden animal head hooks to your wall – double nature points, while also adding a playful touch.

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