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How to stay on trend with these 10 pieces of minimalist furniture?

Unsurprisingly, for a design movement founded by artists, the key to achieving a minimalist look at home lies in considering shape and form. As the name suggests, minimalist decor is unfussy – rooms are open-plan, shapes are simple but structured, and colours are pared-back, either monochrome or sparing pops of muted tones. And at its core, minimalist style inspiration should come from spaces that are functional and livable: accessories should be kept to just those with purpose, and rooms should flow into one another, without boundaries or clutter. If you’re wondering how to create a minimalist home, here’s 10 pieces of minimalist furniture to help you start creating a pared-back, calming space.

1. A monochrome rug

A rug’s an easy way to add cosiness under simple wooden, metal or marble furnishings – after all, minimal doesn’t need to mean uninviting. Pick an undistracting hue and design, like this white, hand-woven Moroccan rug, made from 100% wool. And because the minimalist home trend places emphasis on open-plan spaces, rugs have dual function: they help divide up your space into more livable sections.

2. A statement lamp

Swap busy lamps with shades and tassels for lighting with sleeker silhouettes, like this statement hand-blown table lamp. Its classic lantern shape – and smaller footprint – both help to create the illusion of less clutter, while still allowing light to flow through your living room or bedroom.

3. A simple armchair

To achieve the minimal look in your living room, choose architectural, design-led forms when it comes to picking statement furniture. Accent chairs or armchairs in in single shades, like this black leather-and-wood armchair designed by Patricia Urquiola for Coedition, will add a dramatic focal point to paler colour palettes. Or, go for pieces in natural materials, like wood or leather.

4. A marble shelf

To make your minimal style interior more inviting, and to add personality to your home, a few objets d’art can go a long way – as long as you don’t overdo it. And to display them, choose a shelf with an architectural silhouette, like this t-square marble shelf with gold accents. The monochrome marble plus metallic gleam will add sophistication to your space, and make any trinkets you display feel more purposeful. Remember, lack of clutter’s key.

5. Simple serveware

Don’t overlook the kitchen when it comes to designing your minimalist interior. Minimalism has intentional, thoughtful design choices at its heart, so make every choice count, even when it comes to plates and cutlery. This set of black and white salad plates are handmade in Portugal by ultimate pottery brand Costa Nova, and make a sleek and stylish addition to any dinner.

6. A functional alarm clock

Minimalist style began as a way to make living more productive. So keep the theme running and add a designer clock to an otherwise empty desk or bedside table. The Cifra 3 clock is an iconic design, with a simple flip face and a black and white palette. If you don’t believe us, you can find it on permanent display at the MoMA in New York.

7. An architectural side table

Light’s important in minimal interiors, and when the sun goes down you’ll need somewhere to hold your table lamp – or coffee in the morning. Avoid dark, glossed woods which can add an uninvited revival feel to your slick space, and instead choose something with a daring silhouette, made from marble, concrete or metal. This marble and metal pedestal by Olivier Gagnère adds form, function and finesse to your minimal decor.

8. Natural planters

While your minimalist furniture and accessories should be pared-back, in muted colours, you can add colour to a minimal interior with planters and plants. Go for simple greenery, like succulents, and style them in unfussy pots made from natural materials, like this set of 3 woven mini planter baskets in neutral and green.

9. A muted green throw

Like with a statement rug, a muted throw is another easy, affordable way to cosy up a minimalist style living room or bedroom. Stick with black and white, or if you want to add colour, go for muted, Scandi shades like sage green, pink or grey. This hand-woven green rug is heavy in weight, making it extra warm in the winter when used as a throw – that way you’ll only need one. Remember: in minimalism, less is more.

10. A metallic teapot

Metallic accessories are key in minimal style interiors – they add texture and dimension to muted spaces. A metallic teapot is a sleek style statement, especially when paired with white countertops and tiles. It’ll stand out, without looking cluttered, and makes your morning coffee even more appealing.

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