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How to stay healthy at home

Staying healthy and happy in times of stress can be tricky, especially when you’re confined to one space, or lacking access to your usual health spots like gyms and spas. And as our confinement to the indoors doesn’t look like it will be lifted in the immediate future, we wanted to put together a guide to help you maximise your home’s potential while creating healthy habits and routines to keep you feeling your best – despite the external stress. We’ve covered everything from how to create a home workout space to healthy at-home lunch ideas – all the tips you need to make sure you can prioritise your health and happiness from your own home, without compromising your space or style. It’s important we all stay indoors right now, and developing healthy at-home habits and routines can help us feel better about it.

Creating a home workout space

Whether you’re struggling with gym closures due to Covid-19, or you simply prefer the convenience of working out at home, the best way to make home workouts successful is to create a designated workout area in your home. You might be lucky enough to have a spare room or garage that can form your home workout base, but for those of us without that, creating a designated corner within a larger room – whether it’s a permanent fixture or not – is a great option. To help divide a room, laying different (coordinating) rugs in different parts of a space can give it a sense of division that isn’t distracting, and doesn’t compromise your feng shui. And room dividers are another good option – they’re easily moveable, and can even be folded away at the end of the day or your session, in order to keep your room looking cohesive when you’re not working up a sweat.

It’s likely that your motivation will be lower when working out at home vs. the gym, so it’s important to style this home workout space or home gym in a way that’s motivating and inviting – make it a place you want to spend time in. Close proximity to a window is calming as well as practical – especially if you’re used to a gym with air conditioning. And shelving’s a multifunctional design idea: it can hold your home workout equipment when not in use while also being used to help inspire you, through accessories like art, plants and candles. Anything that gets you in the mood to maintain your health goals.

Healthy at-home lunch ideas

When working from an office, it’s easy to rely on healthy fast food options as a convenient way to keep your health at its best. But when working from home, without access to our usual lunch spots, there’s a few ways you can make cooking for yourself easier and less stressful. Invest in a few healthy cookbooks – full of recipes you’re excited to eat – then plan your meals ahead of time, so you don’t lose working hours or momentum deciding what to cook each day. Batch cooking is another great option when working from home, either the night before or weekend before – choosing meals that can be chilled or frozen will save cooking time in the day, and help make your designated lunch hour more relaxing.

If your kitchen is smaller, or you struggle to keep it clean and tidy, look into additional storage options for your counter, or extra shelving to hold your plates and free up cupboard space. And be sure to keep your kitchen clean and tidy after every use throughout the day, otherwise, the end-of-day clear up will feel more stressful and overwhelming. 

Developing positive work from home habits

Working from home when you’re used to heading into an office every day forces you to establish a new routine, especially in the morning. But without public transport to catch, or meetings to prep for, getting into a productive mindset can feel a little trickier. Take time to carve out a new morning routine for these home-based days, and include any rituals or habits that’ll help get your mind into work mode – whether that’s journaling, yoga, reading over a coffee or writing out your to-do list. And because we’re not changing locations once the clock hits 5 pm, shutting off at the end of the day, or putting your laptop down and taking a break, can get harder too. Try working from one designated spot in your home and leaving it at your designated end-of-work time, or creating evening rituals like lighting candles or stretching to encourage your brain to switch off and relax. Creating a yoga or ‘switch off’ space in your home – with floor pillows, candles and rugs – can be a great way to make mornings more appealing too, and your days more productive.

If you struggle to stay productive at home without the stimulation of others around you, a great trick is to carry out different tasks in different places – maybe you answer emails from the dining table, and take calls from the kitchen island. This will help create the structure often found in offices and keep you on task.

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