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How to Organise like Marie Kondo

It’s 2022, y’all, and by now, pretty much all of us has entertained our very own Marie Kondo fantasy. Nothing untoward here! What we mean is good old Marie has become such a household name that probably each and every one of us has envisioned ourselves throwing out every superfluous item in our homes only to be left with a perfect collection of things that spark joy.

The 37-year-old Japanese organising consultant sparked a homemaker’s revolution a few years ago when she burst onto the interiors scene with her KonMari method. Room by room, category by category, Kondo goes through a home to whittle down clutter. She knows the importance of special pieces and wants to make them shine; she wants everything you own to feel truly special and to have its own spot in the home. A place for everything and everything in its place.

Kondo cites an unusual source of inspiration for the KonMari method: Shintoism. The Shinto religion is centred around kami, the divine spirit of things, and kannagara, the right way to live. The pursuit of kami and kannagara actually allows tidying, organising and cleaning to become spiritual practices, so it’s no wonder that we get such a sense of peace and relief when we do our spring cleaning!

So, now it’s time for the juicy bits. How can you put it into practice at home? How do you make sure your home’s got that sense of tokimeku, where everything makes your heart flutter, throb and palpitate?

Try our top tips for channeling your inner Marie Kondo. They may not change your life, but they certainly will change your home.

Figure out what brings you joy.

And get rid of the rest. We don’t take this one quite so literally, as there are a few things (hammers, garbage bags, etc) that may not exactly have us smiling from ear to ear but are necessary nonetheless. We like to look at this one as keeping whatever brings you satisfaction.

Focus on categories.

This is actually much more efficient than tackling your home one room at a time. You likely have towels in more than one room, so taking them on as a group rather than three separate times (laundry room, kitchen, bathroom) will give you a bigger-picture view. Trust us: Kondo knows best here.

Ignore those pangs of nostalgia.

As keepers of mementos ourselves, we understand the desire to tuck every seemingly meaningful ticket stub and birthday card too. However, these small pieces of bric-a-brac are usually just taking up space and not bringing you joy. So, as Kondo would, toss ‘em. Do you keep them for better reasons than to keep the guilt away? Give them pride of place! Add them to a photo album or scrapbook so you can actually see them and feel that joy!

Don’t buy any swanky storage systems.

Not yet anyway. Make sure you declutter before you start organising.

Hone your folding skills.

Kondo implores us to fold often and fold properly. She says that folded clothes are happier. Bonus points for the fact that they actually take up less space this way (you should be able to fold 20-40 dresses or pairs of trousers where you could previously have hung 10). Be sure to stand them upright when you fold them, as this allows you to see exactly what you have and make use of it.

Dig deep before you start digging deep.

When you do get to organising, you’ll need to really start from square one. That means taking every last item of clothing out of your closet and every single spice bottle out of the cupboard. No cheating! But before you do so, you need to dig deep within and figure out why you want to declutter and why you’re attached to the things you have. Once you understand the ‘why’ behind it all, it’ll be infinitely easier to clean, declutter and organise with a clear head and a sense of purpose.

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