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How to one-up your favourite restaurant: creating Michelin-worthy tablescapes

Sure, most of us aren’t piling into beloved restaurants every weekend or popping into our neighborhood haunts for a relaxed Thursday supper these days. But the fact that we’re stuck doing the shopping, the prep, the cooking, and the washing up shouldn’t stop us from having beautiful, crave-able meals. Especially when it comes to setting the table. Whether we’re making a 1000-layer lasagna from scratch, noodles and all, or ordering in from the Chinese place around the corner, we’re committing to making our tables feel special. Here’s how we’re stepping up our game when it comes to dinnertime.

Back to basics. 

A beautiful tablescape starts with a beautiful table. Go big when you go home with the stunning varnished metal Vendôme Dining Table or opt for something simple that will never go out of style, a Tulip Style Table with a marble top. Starting with good bones ensures that whatever you put on top will look fantastic.

Lay the groundwork. 

Even if you have the most beautiful table in the world, you’ll want to incorporate some placemats or a runner to add texture and visual interest. We love simple handwoven Straw Placemats or Khaki Linen Runners, as they go with just about everything, but we’d never turn down a bit of pattern when we want to spice things up. Haven’t splurged on a gorgeous table yet? Not to worry! A beautiful Embroidered Tablecloth covers all manner of sins.

Pass on paper.

If you’re reading this, we can assume you’re an adult. That means there is absolutely no place on the table for paper towels or paper napkins. Ditch the disposable in favour of a few lovely, simple Palm Napkins. Iron them, fold them and tuck them to the left of your plate, or slip them inside those beautiful napkin rings you inherited from your grandmother. You can’t go wrong with handsome textiles.

Get ready to dish. 

Now here is where you can really get funky. We love a casual, consciously undone look as much as the most austere of table settings, so let your heart be your guide. Decide on the look you’re aiming for and go from there. Tongue-in-cheek plates will bring a smile to your guests’ faces, while elegant Rose Quartz Bowls can elevate any table. Whatever you do, have fun with it. After all, you’re the boss here!

What the fork?

Save the environment and opt for utensil-free delivery when you order in. A set of simple Steel Cutlery is far better for slurping spaghetti or gobbling gratin.

Glass half full.

Of course a hodgepodge of old mason jars will do the trick, but we’re interested in building layers on our tables. We love a set of bright, cheery Torson Tumblers or Candy Swirl Handblown Italian Glasses to keep things interesting. Some sweet Scalloped Edge Wineglasses go with just about everything.

Extra! Extra!

And now, for the finishing touches. We love to add light and natural elements to all our tables, no matter the meal. Arrange some lovely blooms in a Terracotta Balancing Vase or scatter eucalyptus branches or mandarins down the centre of your table. And everyone looks better by candlelight, so be sure to nestle Alabaster Tealight Holders or Swirl Stepped Candlesticks between your serving platters.

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