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How to Mix Patterns like a Pro

Don’t get us wrong. Sometimes, we ache for simplicity, long for the kind of clean calm that would make any minimalist proud. And while we all wish we could be Axel Vervoordt from time to time, we have to admit – we love pattern.

So now, how to mix patterns like a pro?

There’s something just so warm and inviting about a room rife with prints, a space suffused with colour and shape. But it’s a fine line we walk. Because if we’re not careful, we end up with houses more fit for Miss Havisham than Miss de Wolfe. Whenever we’re craving a bit of pattern play, we turn to some of our favourite interior designers for inspiration. People like Penny Morrison, Remy Renzullo, and Luke Edward Hall don’t just know how to do it; they know how to do it right. So, if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

1. Embrace the unexpected.

While you might be tempted to play things safe, unexpected, bold pairings can actually bring depth to a room. Don’t be afraid of mixing and matching patterns. Keeping things wild can create a harmony you’d never expect.

2. More is more.

Especially when it comes to setting the table. We love a look of abundance when we’re creating a tablescape – both in the dishes themselves and the setup. Create layers with patterned tablecloths, shapely placemats and interesting napkins. Candles and candlesticks of varying heights draw the eye around the table and to your lovely guests’ faces.

3. Ignore your matchmaking instincts.

Most of us grew up with a predilection for things that fit together nicely. We did jigsaw puzzles and played memory matching games, so it can be hard to shake those instincts. Forget those all-white beds and intersperse funky ikat cushions with bold stripes atop delicate coral patterned linens.

4. Look outdoors for ideas.

Nature can be a great source of inspiration, as you rarely find just one plant or flowers of just one colour growing together organically. Palm trees sprout up alongside mushrooms. Posies poke through lush, rolling greenery. The earth certainly does not fear mixing and matching.

5. Trust yourself.

At the end of the day, you’ll know what looks good – at least for you! And it’s your space, so really, only you have to love it. If you’re picking prints, patterns and pieces that speak to you, it usually ends up working. Somehow.


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