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How to make your bedroom more cosy for winter

It’s happening – days are getting shorter, nights are getting longer, and our bedrooms have regained the appeal they lost during a too-hot-inside summer. But to make sure your hours spent with Netflix and your laptop are as tempting as possible, there’s lots of design tricks and tips you can use to make your bedroom more cosy for winter. We’ve compiled our best cosy bedroom ideas below – snuggle in:

Tempt with textures

When it comes to making a bedroom more cosy, texture is our number one tip. While summer is about linen and light cottons, for winter add textures that are more tactile: wool throws, rugs with a deep pile, velvet cushions. Mixing up your textures makes for a much more cosy bedroom space, while also keeping you on trend for winter. A thick pile tribal rug in cream will make an impact that isn’t overpowering, as will a simple black wool throw. For something more statement, pick a throw quilt in blue and green – key mood-setting tones for winter.

Plump it up

As the temperature drops, your bed is likely to become a place you spend time while awake as well as asleep. Decorative throw cushions and extra pillows will help keep your bed comfy and inviting, adding to your cosy bedroom look. Pick rich colours to capture the season’s mood – like this red and white cushion, or green throw pillow. Or, for a more subtle look, try a cactus silk blush pink pillow – paired with navy bedding or bedroom accessories, it’ll lighten your space without taking away from its wintry appeal.

Let there be mood lighting


It’s easy to overlook lighting when thinking about bedroom ideas, but as light’s scarce in winter, adding your own extra mood lighting sources will make your bedroom more cosy while also keeping it functional. Avoid any blue-toned bulbs and instead opt for warmer, yellow-toned light sources – they’re easier on the eye and make for a more relaxing ambience. A perforated lampshade or pendant light will diffuse light more softly too, adding to the effect. A rattan pendant light shade is a great, on-trend option. Or, opt for some statement candle holders and take your lighting back to basics. This glass and brass vase candle holder looks great on a bedside table – pair it with a matching brass mirror, placed nearby to bounce light around your whole space.

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