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How to make your bed at home like a 5-star hotel

The best bit about 5-star hotels – apart from their impeccable talent for interior design – is always the bed. There’s nothing quite as inviting, and the sleep’s always superb. But a 5-star hotel bed doesn’t only have to be for when you’re away. This guide will teach you how to make your bed like a 5-star hotel, every day. Meaning you’re only ever 12 hours away from the sleep of your dreams.

1. Keep it white and bright
The easiest way to get the hotel look at home is to keep your sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers white. It’s a crisper, cleaner look – just be sure to wash them regularly to avoid them fading to a less-appealing grey or cream. If you’re a pattern-lover, you can still have fun with your space – pick patterned accessories like a patterned Moroccan rug or striped pom pom throw instead.

2. Know your thread count
When shopping for new sheets for your 5-star hotel bed, look at the thread count – hotels usually opt for around 300, which is perfect for soft sheets that are durable too. Too high and the sheets will get thin – not ideal for everyday use. While a thread count that’s too low will mean scratchy sheets that don’t have the same inviting quality as the sheets at your favourite hotel.

3. Perfect your pillows
The best hotels usually have a minimum of four pillows per double bed, often choosing a mix of feather and fibre filled pillows. To get the real hotel experience, don’t shop by price – pillows improve your sleeping experience ten-fold, while also giving your bed that inviting, plump look that 5-star hotel beds are known for. A good pillow can help alleviate orthopaedic issues too. Then, finish it off with one to three simple throw pillows lined up neatly, either symmetrical or tonal in style. A long striped throw pillow will also work well, propped in front of your main pillows.

4. Skip the fitted sheet
Ever noticed how hotels don’t use fitted sheets? Instead, most prefer a flat sheet tucked into the mattress with military-precision corners, combined with another flat sheet on top folded back over the duvet. If you’re not sure you’ll be able to master the art of the crisp corner, fitted sheets are fine too. But maybe add an extra flat sheet to your bedding collection so that you can fold it back over your duvet to recreate the pristine, made-up hotel bed look. Top tip: lay this flat sheet on your bed upside down, so that when you fold it back, the right side shows.

5. Keep it minimal
Hotels tend to avoid throws across the bottom of the bed – it makes for a cleaner, smarter look. And the cosiness they add is more than compensated for by the volume of pillows and sheets they use! If you’re looking to add extra texture and warmth to your room, arrange your throws over an accent chair or ottoman instead – it’ll have the same effect, while helping to retain that 5-star hotel bed aesthetic. This black wool throw works well with most colour schemes.


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