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How to make each room more cosy for the last of winter

At this time of the year, with storms still hitting and daylight still scarce, the winter can seem a little more oppressive – winters are long, and the tailend always seems less tolerable. To make your days a little brighter, we recommend starting with your home environment. After all, it’s where you’re probably spending most of your free time given the weather outside. Maximise this time indoors, and make the last of winter more bearable, by giving your home a quick, cosy makeover. And our list of time-saving, affordable interior design ideas is designed to create an immediate but reversible impact – meaning when spring hits, you’ll be able to stow away your cosy items and bring out your breezier pieces in a flash.

Cosy living room ideas

The living room’s a great place to start when it comes to giving your home a cosy winter makeover. It’s where you’ll spend most of your waking hours, and making your living space a cosy retreat is both easy and rewarding. If you’re looking to make a big, lasting change, try adding additional seating – it’ll make cosy gatherings much more inviting. This soft floor sofa is compact and cute, with a soothing texture. While adding textiles, like this multicoloured Moroccan rug and grey throw quilt, will help soften your space too.

Cosy dining room ideas

While the dining room might not be your first choice for a cosy home makeover, long dinner parties and evening meals are much more appealing when your space is warming and welcoming. Adding a large rug under your dining table and chairs is an effective cosy-making switch – like this large red handwoven rug. While this black rattan loveseat will help give your room extra functionality as well as another place to cuddle up in. Top your table with a wintry fire scented candle for extra cosy aesthetic points.

Cosy bedroom ideas

Adding an extra throw to your bed – like this grey and cream tassel blanket – is an easy and affordable way to make your bedroom instantly more cosy, but there are other options too. Investing in a floor cushion, like this light blue floor cushion, can help create a cosy chill out area in your bedroom, while this green handwoven rug is a great idea when it comes to incorporating inviting, soft textures into your bedroom space.

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