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How to: give your home a simple makeover for the New Year

Star of the year is the time for refreshing and refining, and setting the tone for the year ahead. And this time of change is a great excuse to give your home a simple makeover, using quick tips and tricks to set yourself up for success as we head into a new decade. A fresh home can lead to a fresh outlook, after all. So if you’re planning to give your home a quick, simple makeover for 2020, here’s our favourite ideas and inspirational tips.

Add fresh colours to pared-back rooms

A new year – and especially a new decade – is a great time to inject fresh colours into your room, especially if your decor style is more pared-back. Brighter colours are a great way to see in the New Year – colours have been shown to improve our mood, creativity and motivation, depending on the shade. For a quick colour pop, choose bold accessories, like this hammered gold vase and burgundy body shaped vase. Or, a colourful patterned rug makes a bigger statement, especially when paired with a bold red cushion on a sofa nearby.

Tackle the clutter

As the saying goes: a tidy home brings a tidy mind. So don’t save Spring cleaning for later and get a head start by decluttering your home for the New Year. It’s an easy way to instantly improve your space, and a simple way to give your room a makeover. Add small bowls and trinket holders to your surfaces to keep them neat, like this malachite round box or studded bowl on a stand. Or for larger items, invest in a storage cabinet like this Moroccan tiled cabinet.

Refresh your accessories

The easiest way to give your home a makeover is to switch up your accessories – and the New Year is the perfect time to get started. Accessories are generally less expensive than bigger items, meaning if you tire of them you can move them into a new room and replace them without great expense. This pink cotton cushion will breathe new life into a sofa or bed, while adding planters – like this orange vase and confetti planter – will allow you to bring greenery into your home ready for Spring. If you’re after something bolder for the new decade, try this colourful painted enamel tiger jug.

Rearrange your furniture

To make a bigger impact with your simple home makeover, try rearranging your furniture and adding a little feng shui for the New Year. Or, if you’re not able to switch your space up too much, adding rugs under existing pieces can create a whole new look or decor style, in one easy step. This dark grey handwoven rug is modern and crisp, while this striped brown rug will add a cosy touch to any room.

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