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How to get the Scandinavian modern style with vintage furniture?

Scandinavian modern style – one of interior design’s most popular trends – moved to Europe and the US in the 1950s. But Scandinavian interiors first came into their own in the ‘30s, with countries like Denmark, Norway, and Sweden adapting their homes to suit the harsh weather conditions and dark days typical of northern Europe.

What is Scandinavian decor? 

Accordingly, Scandi decor’s main design principle favours creating harmony with your environment – improving quality of life through a functional, simple approach to decorating. Think large, open-plan living spaces designed to enhance Fika (Swedish social coffee breaks), large windows and statement lighting to brighten gloomy days, and functional furniture crafted from natural materials like birch, pine, and rosewood. Light colour palettes are key too – light is better reflected that way. But unlike minimal decor, Scandinavian modern style is full of personality, with vintage furniture and textiles in muted tones adding character and energy to neutral spaces. Here’s how to get the Scandinavian modern look, with vintage furniture, in every room. have one, you can recreate their warmth by adding heavyweight,  100% lambswool blankets to an upholstered sofa or chair. 

Scandinavian modern living room ideas

Fireplaces feature heavily in Scandinavian homes – for function as well as form. But if you don’t have one, you can recreate their warmth by adding heavyweight, simple 100% wool blankets to an upholstered sofa or chair. As Scandinavian interior style’s characterised by open-plan spaces, rugs are a great way to divide a large room into smaller, functional areas – key to capturing Scandinavian design’s practical approach. Go monochrome for a more traditionally Nordic look or if you want to add colour to your pared-back space, patterned 100% wool rugs are an easy way to add energy without overwhelming. To add cosy character, statement vintage furniture brings the lived-in look to your living space – choose pieces made from light wood with upholstery in subtle colours, like this vintage style armchair by Meryanne Loum Martin. 

Copy of Green and Salmon Text Food Influencer Maximalism Highlight Cover Set (36)
Copy of Green and Salmon Text Food Influencer Maximalism Highlight Cover Set (37)

Scandinavian modern bedroom ideas

In the cold Nordic climate, bedrooms are designed to be a hygge hideaway. Nod to Scandinavian modern style by placing soft textiles in organic colours – greens, pinks, and mustards – on top of a wooden bed. This 100% Alpaga duvet is inviting, and a great cosy piece. And as practical living’s key, a vintage wooden rocking chair – or a vintage style bamboo chair – in an empty corner makes a great reading nook.

Scandinavian modern kitchen ideas

Colour’s key to getting the Scandi look right in the kitchen. White walls and wooden cabinets are enlivened by pops of teal, mustard and pink across kitchen accessories and textiles. Pick out matching serveware in Scandinavian interior colours, like teal espresso cups and saucers, or mustard espresso cups. And because Nordic living revolves around this social space, make it more inviting with a vintage style radio – functional and characterful.

Scandinavian modern dining room ideas

To bring Scandinavian modern style to the dining room, make practical decorating choices. Add vintage furniture in the form of bold statement pieces – a well-loved dining table picked up at your local flea market makes sense, and fits the practical living aesthetic. Then surround it with newer pieces, like chairs or stools made from natural wood. A patterned 100% wool rug adds texture – typical of Scandinavian interiors – and is great for dividing up multi-use dining spaces. While well-chosen vintage accessories make mealtimes feel more cosy, like this vintage soldier lamp.

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