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How to get the industrial home decor look in every room?

The industrial home decor trend will always be in style – it’s a timeless look that mixes natural materials, masculine lines and a factory aesthetic, and the result is equal parts grown-up and energetic. Thanks to the impressive volume of industrial home accessories and furniture available, it’s as easy to create a cosy industrial home decor look as it is a harder, more brutalist finish. But before you get started, here’s how to get the industrial home decor look in every room – because inspiration is always the best place to start.

Industrial living room ideas

Living rooms are one of the most versatile parts of any home, so creating an industrial living room look is easy – and a great place to start if you’re planning a total industrial home makeover. Take time to get your lighting right: industrial pendants, crafted from metals like copper or brass, are a quick and affordable win, adding atmosphere and an aesthetic lift. A green metal pendant, or other jewel tone, will help energise darker pieces like a marble pedestal. Or for a softer take on industrial, try adding rattan: like this oversized woven pendant.

Industrial kitchen ideas

If you’re looking to get the industrial kitchen look, but aren’t able, or willing, to completely start from scratch, go for industrial kitchen accessories – it’s an affordable and efficient way to change your space’s look. Try sticking to darker shades when it comes to colour, like this dark brown minerale pasta bowl or dark blue lapis platter. Muted or jewel tones work well to add emphasis against bigger white or grey design choices. And as the industrial home decor look centres around natural working materials, don’t forget a functional yet fashionable wooden chopping board.

Industrial dining room ideas

Black metal works well in industrial style dining rooms, especially against other pared-back pieces in contrasting textures. Tuck high black metal stools under a polished concrete counter, or cool matte black dining chairs under a mango wood dining table – it’ll form the focus of your new industrial dining room. For accessories, opt for on-trend industrial lighting, like a Brooklyn-style flat copper pendant.

Industrial bedroom ideas

Creating an industrial look in the bedroom isn’t as hard as it sounds. While most people associate the industrial home decor look with angular, cold spaces, with the right tips and tricks a cosy industrial room is just as achievable. Use colour to cement your style, avoiding anything too bright. A metal bed frame topped with a navy blue cotton throw is a chic look, while industrial style furnishings and accessories – like this large industrial mirror and black studded vase – will add a contrasting edge.


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