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How to design the perfect home office?

Home offices are a great addition to any home. But they’re especially useful for people who are self-employed, for students looking to create a productive working area, and for people who like a separate place to go to catch up on admin. So if you’re looking for home office design inspiration, start by mapping out how you’ll use it when it’s up and running – this should give you an idea of the type of furniture you’ll need. Practicality should be given prominence too: deep pile rugs look cosy, but if you’re planning to use an office chair with wheels it might not be the most sensible idea. And finally, when designing the perfect home office, take into account your other rooms and their style. A well-designed home should feel seamless and uniform, so mixing lots of different styles probably won’t add much value to your home’s visual appearance.

Home office chair ideas

Whether you plan to spend a lot of time in your home office or not, choosing the right office chair is one of the most important parts of the process. It’s best to avoid anything with a stiff backrest, or that’s too low-slung – you’ll strain your back while reaching for your office desk. Opt instead for a piece with lots of cushioning alongside a structured shape – this armless chair gives you a full range of motion as you type, while this designer mid-century armchair will add vintage flair to your workspace. Or, if you’re looking for home office design inspiration that adds fun as well as function, choose something in a bright colour, like this red and white armchair. It’ll make heading to your desk from bed on cold mornings a little more appealing.

Home office lighting ideas

Getting your home office lighting right’s vital for anyone who plans to get serious work done – whatever the hour. Combine a bright ceiling pendant with floor lamps and table lamps. There are plenty of options available depending on your personal style, but this pineapple lamp adds character as well as watts, while this industrial style table lamp might inspire you to work harder. Mirrors are a useful addition to a workspace too – they reflect light around the room and mean you can give yourself a quick check before rushing off to out-of-home meetings. This round mirror in hammered metal would be a bright addition.

Cosy home office ideas

If you work from home, it can be tempting to use your laptop from bed on colder days. Making your home office cosy will make it more appealing, and it’s easy to do – it calls for accessories, not statement pieces. A scented candle will make your office smell and feel good – choose a calming scent for stressful days. And art will make your space vibrant and inspiring, perfect for a working room. This pink framed print, alongside plants in basket planters, is an uplifting combination. Textiles are a top choice too, especially if your room has a pared-back palette or wood floors. If you need inspiration, try a Moroccan rug or colourful pom pom throw – they’ll both add warmth as well as texture. Just avoid placing either where you need to wheel your office chair.




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Home office storage ideas

When browsing for home office design inspiration, you’ll find there are hundreds of storage options. Think about what you’ll want to store in your space, and pick the home office storage solution that works best for you. A marble shelf is great for storing smaller things like notebooks and pens, but you might want to consider something larger – like a wide Moroccan chest of drawers – if you have files and paperwork to keep hidden.

Home office accessories ideas

If you’re planning to add accessories to your office, choose pieces that will pique your productivity. A small white flip clock stood on your desk will keep you on track while not taking up too much space. Or choose a time and date flip clock if you prefer your calendar to be digital. To really add appeal to your room, or to save space in a small home office, consider a clock radio – you get two devices in one, and music can help you stay focussed (depending on which station you choose!).

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