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How to design the perfect bedroom in a small space?

Bedrooms aren’t just for sleeping in. The best bedrooms are spaces which make us feel calm, reflect our personality, help us start and end the day in a positive mindset, and act as a cosy retreat on lazy days. And this counts for small bedrooms, too. If you’re looking for small bedroom design ideas, we’ve listed our best tips below, so you can design the perfect bedroom, no matter your square footage.

Small bedroom colour ideas

When looking at small bedroom design ideas for your space, colour is key. And when it comes to smaller bedrooms, don’t be afraid to go bold. Dark walls do work well in small bedrooms, despite what people might tell you. But the key to getting the look right is by keeping accessories more minimal. A monochrome striped cushion on crisp white bed linen helps lighten a small bedroom with indigo walls. While a handwoven white rug helps create an illusion of light under darker furniture in small bedrooms. If you’re going dark with your bed linen, pick cushions and textiles that bring lighter colours to your chosen palette, like this vibrant red and white throw.

Small bedroom lighting ideas

Lighting should be a key focus for anyone researching small bedroom design ideas. It’s likely that your small bedroom is lacking plentiful natural light, so make good lighting one of your first design features. Space-saving designs with minimal to no floor footprint help you increase your space’s ambience without sacrificing other furnishing pieces. An edgy wall light, like this brass flat wall light, or a copper industrial wall light, are both great options.

Small bedroom storage ideas

It might sound obvious, but getting storage right in your small bedroom can make or break your space. Make the most of existing storage areas, like window sills, and use boxes and pots to keep your things tidy and your space looking chic. This small tiled cabinet has lots of compartments, and will tuck neatly away on your window sill or desk. While other small bedroom design ideas include hanging shelves and hooks to keep your floor uncluttered. This wall-mounted copper hanger is great for storing bags and jackets, while a marble shelf will add character while also providing somewhere to place jewellery, candles or other personal pieces.

Small bedroom accessories

A small bedroom shouldn’t mean a space that’s devoid of personality. To make it more inviting, it’s important that you pick well-chosen pieces that have function, or help enhance your room’s ambience. Place art above your bed instead of a headboard, that way your minimal wall space will be maximised. And avoid multiple accessories with similar functions. Opting for a wall-mounted date and time flip clock saves desk space and means you only need one gadget in place of two. While more delicate objects, like tall, thin candlesticks or miniature woven planters, mean you can accessorise without taking up any more space than necessary.


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