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How to create the perfect lighting? 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: good lighting is the key to having a warm, inviting space. Without it, homes can feel sterile, offices become severe and unwelcoming, restaurants become houses of horror where guests look their worst (even after a glass or five of wine).

Set the scene in five simple steps.


Creating that ambience, that intimate glow begins with the idea of layering. Think of your lighting scheme as a wedding cake. Different flavours, different styles make something far more dynamic than a single source. This draws the eye around the room and ensures that harsh tones are relegated to hospital waiting rooms alone. Swap out unsightly track lighting for the amber glow of Georges’ iconic petal light – in large or small. Add drama to walls with incandescent sconces and carve out cosy nooks within the room with carefully placed table and floor lamps from Rubn.


Once you’ve chosen the right players, it’s important to think about intensity. We never favour fluorescence, and we avoid the naked glare of bulbs whenever we can. Most people tend to look their best when illuminated by bulbs that come in at around 2700 kelvins (these are usually labeled soft white or warm white), so we like to twist beautiful, flattering bulbs into all of our fixtures.


Don’t overlook texture when considering lighting. We love adding softness through sweet shades or bringing new fabrics into the room to create visual interest. 


As in life, having control is great. Choose your brightness, choose your mood: a dimmer never goes out of style.



Though we generally stick to our guns when it comes to lighting, maintaining a sense of playfulness helps keep a space feeling organic and unique. Take these more as gentle (but firm) suggestions than hard and fast, rigid rules. If it feels right to you, it’s probably right for your space. Because, at the end of the day, you want it to feel like you.

So, keep all this in mind, but be sure to keep it, well, light.

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