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How to create a Boho chic home style with furnishings?

Bohemian interior design has French origins – post-French Revolution, nomadic artists used fashion to express their values: sustainability, travel, and art. Their clothes were layered, embroidered, flowing and colourful, either being passed down or made from recycled materials. Mismatched patterns and shapes helped individuals express themselves and their eclecticism. And naturally, this Boho aesthetic has moved into the home, gaining popularity in the last 20 years. Boho chic home style nods to its nonconformist past, while drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean and North African decor of the present – bright reds, handwoven throws, layered rugs, and bright ceramics are all prominent. The bold look of esteemed hotel El Fenn, for example, expertly combines Boho chic style with vintage and Moroccan furnishings for a look that’s colourful and characterful. Here’s how to get the Boho chic look in your own home, in every room.

Boho chic living room ideas

Bohemians were social – sharing ideas, opinions, and art in communal spaces. Recreate this in your own living room to create a Boho chic feeling. Mix vintage and new furnishings to add authenticity – the beauty of Boho style is that matching doesn’t matter. Top an unusual handmade metal table or vintage-style tiled sideboard with a theatrical table lamp – it’ll offer mood lighting, and the clash of textures will enhance your Boho look. This multicoloured striped blanket adds interest to a slouchy sofa while keeping it cosy. But to keep it Boho chic, make sure you stick to one colour palette – tone-on-tone styling works well to create the colour clash effect, without making your room look too chaotic.

Boho chic kitchen ideas

In the kitchen, achieve the Boho home look through unusual, handmade dishware and colourful artwork. The French are famous for their coffee drinking, so a bright red latte cup is an obvious choice. And as the Bohemians often ate family style – enjoying intellectual conversation over rich dishes and wine – this leaf-shaped plate and large terracotta salad bowl make perfect dinner guests.

Boho chic bedroom ideas

Layers are an easy way to liven up your Boho style bedroom. Artfully arrange coloured rugs on top of each other to achieve the multi-textural look that was common in Bohemian France – this green Moroccan rug’s thin enough that your room won’t feel overstuffed. Choose unique furniture, and use it to add personality to bare corners, like a quirky table lamp on a mosaic side table (Bohemians were artists, after all). Or, candles are an easy way to recreate the relaxed ambiance associated with Bohemian decor style – add a scented jar candle to your dresser, or be bolder and opt for a candle holder mirror.

Boho chic dining room ideas

Boho chic home style isn’t just for the living room. A well-chosen vintage dining table, surrounded by chairs of different heights and hues, makes for a Boho-inspired dining room. Add trinkets and ornaments that really display your individuality. But if you’re looking for Boho decor inspiration, Moroccan-made accessories are often bold and bright, making them just as at home in a Boho interior – like this small African beaded head. A brightly coloured or patterned runner under your seating area keeps your room functional as well as fun – this red throw is a daring choice. And the dining room’s a great place to add greenery, as long as your planters are suitably styled. These coloured planter baskets make for a fun, living centerpiece.


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