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How to bring chic French style to your home for summer

If you’ve dreamed of living like a Parisian – with their ‘laissez faire’ attitudes and their effortless style – this guide will help you put together a France-inspired home without stepping foot on a plane. Their effortless, understated interiors always have a hint of glamour too – follow our steps to achieve a balance that’s ‘parfait’, and bring French interior style to your home this summer.

Don’t be afraid to mix styles

It’s hard to pin down the French ‘je ne sais quoi’, but if we had to guess, we’d say it comes from the French’s ability to mix design styles effortlessly. It creates a cool ‘in-the-know’ look when done right (the trick is not to overdo it), and draws from Cubist design principles – a sophisticated way to mix and match. Think vintage decor meets Art Deco design. These leather and wood dining chairs have a vintage look that says French bistro. Pair them with a modern statement monochrome wall lamp and Instagram-worthy, France-inspired wall art for a true Paris apartment feel. 

Choose pieces by French designers and brands

Anissa Kermiche’s studio might be based in London, but her jewellery and decorative objects’ look is very much Paris. She combines smooth lines with bold colours, and geometry with soft curves, inspired by a sense of femininity and elegance. Her marble Love vase is one of her more well-known designs, but we love this Tit for Tat candlestick holder too.

For a more traditionally French brand, try La Soufflerie – based in the centre of Paris, they make mouth-blown glass pieces with a playful but distinguished look. Their use of heritage craftsmanship techniques and experienced artisans gives each piece a high quality finish, while their more modern designs and silhouettes provide a cool contrast – effortlessly statement-making, just like the city they’re crafted in. Line up three ‘tete’ vases (modelled after the brand’s founder’s head) in tonal shades for a striking effect in your kitchen or dining room – like the blue tete vase, clear tete vase and turquoise tete vase.

Add luxe touches

When it comes to design, the French aren’t afraid of a touch of luxe. Think grand design details like metallic accents, gilded edges, intricately detailed pieces or antiques – Baroque-inspired, but never overdone. A ‘less is more’ approach will make sure you achieve that Parisian effortlessness, as well combining these elegant details with pieces that have a little more edge. This white and gold cup and saucer set is perfect for your (black) coffee in the morning, especially when enjoyed by the light of this vintage-style green and gold table lamp. And this large vintage gold mirror from the early 20th Century couldn’t be more Parisian if it tried.

Get the look: Hotel Amour

Hotel Amour’s a vibrant, modern – yet still très Parisian – hotel in the heart of Paris. Its decor’s inspired by fashion and art, but there’s traditional French interior design touches too – like luxe objets d’art, vintage home accessories and French-inspired artworks. Add this traditional glamour to your own home with this vintage wooden soldier table lamp. Then pair it with bold pieces like this blue tete vase and yellow cup and saucer for a cool contrast.

Get the look: Pigalle

Pigalle’s decor is distinguished, influenced by the stories and vibrancy of its surrounding neighbourhood. It’s what gives each hotel room a Nouvelle Athènes feel – along with its neoclassical architecture, vintage 50s furniture and bright artworks. Recreate the look at home by pairing this traditional wooden bistro chair with this orange Love Handles Vase and red and gold sugar bowl.

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