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How to add home accessories to your home office?

Home offices are a great idea for anyone needing a designated room from which to work whether you run a business from home, or like to take days out of the office. But getting the right home accessories in your office space can be tricky. Too many, and your home office might become a distraction. But too few runs the risk of leaving you with a stark, uninviting room that makes getting down to business lose its appeal. If you’re looking for home office ideas, here’s our advice for how to add home accessories to your home office, whatever your end goal.


  1. Choose home office accessories with a purpose

The easiest way to avoid cluttering your home office is to pick home accessories that add function as well as form. And anything that will increase your productivity is a good home office idea, from a designer clock radio, to a statement table lamp that will brighten darker evenings. But think outside of the typical, too. If you’re likely to head to meetings straight from your home office, a large brass wall mirror will keep your office space feeling light and bright, while also providing somewhere to check your hair before you leave.

  1. Pick home accessories that help you work smarter

Obviously, your home office design needs to support your day-to-day work needs. So another practical home office idea is to choose home accessories with organisation in mind. A pen pot is a must – opt for a traditional style, or switch it up and choose a murrine glass tumbler for a look that’s unique yet chic. Trays and unusual stoneware plates work well for keeping desk keys, sharpeners and paperclips tidy. Or choose a statement tiled cabinet, with plenty of drawers, if you need extra storage space.


  1. Use home accessories to add warmth

While most home accessories will help turn your home office into a room you want to spend time in, cosier pieces like handmade rugs and throws add an inviting warmth, creating a space that’s easier to work from. For added zen, a candle holder vase or calming scented candle will help hone your home office’s ambience as well as its aesthetic.

  1. Add home accessories in motivational colours

As every good interior designer, and psychologist, knows – when it comes to setting the mood, colour is key. Blue’s the colour of efficiency and communication, so a well-chosen blue wool throw is sure to keep your productivity on track. And green is a colour that provides balance, so a handwoven green throw will keep your mind mellow during the working day. If you’re not sure which colour to hero, all brighter colours will serve to lift your spirits after a few hours at your desk – so this pink and blue rug, or any brightly patterned piece, is sure to keep you motivated.

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