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How It’s Made: Josephine from Jore, Copenhagen

Though Josephine Reich, the creative force behind one of our favourite brands (Jore Copenhagen, of course), wouldn’t describe herself as a long-time interiors junkie, you can tell from pretty much any of her pieces that she’s always had an eye for the aesthetic. Josephine’s sense of style always stood out in her native Denmark. Sleek lines, subdued colours and a minimalist bent ruled both in the homes of her friends and the clothes she saw in the streets.

How it Started

Working in real estate stirred something in her. She simply couldn’t connect to the pale hues and raw wood of Scandinavian design; she couldn’t see herself in this version of Nordic interiors. So, when she moved in with her boyfriend, she knew something far more colourful, far more playful would be in order for her own home. And thus the seed for Jore was planted.


Vintage décor is Josephine’s richest source of inspiration. At the moment, Josephine can’t get enough of Italian interiors from the 70s and 80s, as well as the playful accent colours of Danish design from the 60s. Josephine adores classic stripes in unconventional colours, so you’ll often see them in the Jore pieces. But interior design isn’t her only inspiration. Inspiration strikes Josephine wherever she goes: the people around her, the clothes her friends are wearing, the hotels she visits on vacation.


When she and her design partner begin dreaming up a new piece – spending hours discussing colours, patterns and more – they collaborate with their amazing production team on the design. The Jore production team is incredibly skilled with deep knowledge of their craft, so they are able to take those dreams and make them a reality. Josephine does the themes and design process. Then, the production team takes it from there, ensuring that every detail is thoughtfully implemented. This collaboration works particularly well when it comes to Jore Copenhagen’s signature lamps. 


Though Josephine initially sewed some of the pillows by hand in their studio, production now happens in a few different spots, with the top craftsmen creating each piece. Jore Copenhagen’s ceramics come to life in the south of Italy. The lamps and textiles are made in India. With a very timely eye toward sustainability, Josephine and her team are in the process of shifting production a little closer to home for the newer pieces.


Josephine and the team carefully select each and every material for the purpose of the specific product. Jore Copenhagen is constantly improving their use of materials, often drawing inspiration from interior history to create something modern. Many materials are upcycled and all are long-lasting; Josephine and her partner want their pieces to bring joy and beauty to their clients’ homes for decades to come. Forget IKEA – Jore Copenhagen is the new standard of Scandinavian design!

Jore, J’adore

For Josephine, creating her pieces, puzzling out the perfect design is not just a job but a joy. She finds figuring out all those little details to be the most fun part of the process, as it allows her to think creatively. So whether she’s working on the next lamp drop or trying to move beyond the dining room to the living room or bedroom, she loves it all from start to finish. And that love shows in every piece from Jore Copenhagen.

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