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How bed linen can change an entire room

Bed linen might not rank highly in your bedroom makeover priorities, but with so many ben linen styles available – in different shades, patterns and colours – don’t overlook their ability to change your entire room. Not only is a new bed linen set more affordable than changing your rug, wallpaper or lamp, it’s also easily changed – that means you can switch your interior style whenever you like, at a convenient cost. So whether you’re looking to change your bedroom’s entire interior decor look, or introduce a new colour or mood to your space, here’s how bed linen can change an entire room.


Add character with bed linen

When it comes to character, the bohemian interior decor style has plenty of it. And because your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, your bed linen will set your space’s tone. So if yours is lacking personality, using bohemian style bed linen to inject energy is a quick win for little effort or expense. Bohemian bed linen mixes textures and warm colours – usually reds, teals or oranges. Once your bed’s dressed, create a cohesive look by picking accessories from your bed linen’s palette and style, like arty-looking green terracotta candlesticks, or a colourful Moroccan rug. And add a finishing touch to your bed linen by layering it with complementary cushions and textiles, like this simple, handcrafted red and white throw.

Add colour with bed linen

Adding colourful bed linen can quickly, and easily, uplift your existing pared-back elements. If you want to add drama to a bedroom which already has a white Moroccan rug, using bold bed linens – like indigo or forest green – is a much more affordable and easy to add impact than replacing expensive existing furnishings. Plus, if you bore of the bold, you can switch your bed linen back to paler palette in a flash. If your colour scheme’s neutral, you can even change the colours to match the seasons, with matching smaller accessories – like a pale green cotton throw in spring. Or, consider incorporating a colour clash by using colourful bed linen to contrast a bold rug, like this neon striped rug – it’ll add extra emphasis to your style staples.

Create a luxury look with bed linen

Bed linen can add elegance and make your room look more luxury, especially in rented homes where big projects like painting or wallpapering are off limits. Choose rich fabrics, like velvet bedspreads, or bed linens with intricate details like jacquard print and quilting. Then, to continue the look throughout your room, accessorise with gold and metallic objets d’art, like this gold hammered vase. Scented candles add to the romantic interior decor look and elevate your luxury bed linen. And because luxury is about excess, layer up with plenty of textiles and cushions – like this handwoven, red striped cushion.

Add pattern with bed linen

Pattern is personal, especially in the bedroom. Fashion changes, tastes change, and bold patterns can become tiresome. Naturally, this makes patterned bed linens a safe way to introduce pattern: if you tire of it, you can switch to a plain bed linen without forking out lots of money on a room you’ve already styled. Be sure to contrast colourful patterned bed linen with simple accessories in monochrome, like a simple monochrome throw to tone down the look. These neutral alabaster urn vases are subtly textured – another easy way to complement patterned bed linen without creating a clash.

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