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Hot Tips for Cooling Down

The Merrymen had it right when they sang on and on about feeling ‘hot, hot, hot’, don’t you think? This summer has been an absolute scorcher, and if you’re not lucky enough to be in possession of an air conditioning unit, you’re probably pretty fed up with the year’s stickiest season.

Sure, it’s amazing to have endless sunshine and the best tans we’ll have all year. But we just can’t get behind the sweltering heat (and the sweat that comes with it).

So, what do you do if you aren’t one of those blessed with that crisp, refreshing air? Well, keep reading for one. Because we’ve got some very cool tips for how to beat the heat.

Close those curtains:

We know just how tempting it can be to throw all the windows wide open in hopes of welcoming some delicious cross breezes, but unfortunately, you’re actually welcoming even more heat into your house. Keep the windows closed and draw the curtains during the day. Once the evening rolls around, let all that stagnant air out and relish the (hopefully) chillier evening air.

Choose your linens wisely:

Breathability is key when it comes to summertime bed sheets. Pick some beautiful, fine cotton sheets or go for true linen to allow for the most air flow when you sleep. Overheating at bedtime makes it very difficult to get a good night’s rest, so this one is key when the mercury starts to rise.

Create your own chill:

Soak a hand towel or two in nice, chilly water and use it as a cold compress on your forehead or the back of your neck. It feels a bit old school, sure, but trust us. It works. We also like to use those frozen eye masks for an extra hit of chill on a super hot day.

Get a little breezy:

Even though we don’t encourage leaving the windows open to enjoy the natural breeze, you can create your own cooling wind situation at home with the right equipment. Invest in a good fan (bonus points for one that’ll purify the air while it blows) and thank us later. You can park yourself on your favourite chair next to a serious fan all day, and you’ll almost forget how hot it is outside.

Stay hydrated:

Though it might seem secondary when you’re boiling alive inside on a summer’s day, staying hydrated is actually one of the best ways to stay cool. Stock your shelves with a chic pitcher and cute matching glasses and continue refilling throughout the day. We particularly like keeping our pitchers in the fridge (and throwing in a few slices of fruit or some herbs), but even room temperature water will do the trick.

Check into a hotel:

Just can’t hack the heat? Honestly, we feel you. Sometimes, no matter how many ingenious tips you follow, you just can’t take it anymore. Treat yourself to a night away from the steam room that is your house. Just make sure the hotel you pick has air conditioning. We’d hate to get you packing those bags only to realise your hotel is actually ten times hotter than your home!

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