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Hop to It: Easter Trips

Spring has sprung, and here we are! Easter is just around the corner. And while not all of us are celebrating, most of us do have a day or two off. And what better way to make the most of that than a nice little trip. After all, what are long weekends for if not a quick getaway?

If you’re lucky, you’ve got two days off (Good Friday and Easter Monday). If you’re smart, you took an extra day or two to bookend the weekend. But no matter how many days you have, there’s certainly a destination that can fit into your plans.

If you have no days:

Even if you don’t get Friday or Monday off, you can still make the most of the two days you have. We recommend choosing somewhere in driving distance or that’s easily accessible by train. Paris is always a good idea, and it’s a particularly good one if you’re stuck without any days off. Grab the Eurostar from London or the Thalys from Amsterdam and check in at Hotel Grand Amour. It’s chic yet still inexpensive enough to be the perfect spot for a quick weekend break.

If you have one day:

It’s still not aged, but three days can feel pretty luxurious. Hop a little further afield if you get either Friday or Monday off and head to the English countryside. If you already live in the UK, fab; you can get there in no time. If you live abroad, a short flight to London and a well-directed rental car make the journey to The Pig Near Bath easy as pie.

If you have two days:

Whew! Things are starting to feel treatsie when you get two days off. That’s four full days of relaxation. And where better to relax than a gorgeous retreat in Comporta. Portugal is easily accessible from the East Coast, as well as from the rest of Europe, so you’ll waste little of those precious holidays getting to Sublime Comporta.

If you have a few days:

If you managed to snag in some paid time off before or after the Easter holidays, we salute you! Take full advantage of it and book yourself a Grecian holiday. We love the gorgeous, rolling landscape of Paros almost as much as we love the amazing rooms and service at Parilio.

If you have a week:

Can we just start off by saying we’re very jealous? The sky is the limit here, so think big. We love the idea of spending a week exploring the streets of Mexico City or meandering through the souks in Marrakech. But really, the world is your oyster.

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