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Home office ideas for writers and grammar lovers

It might not be National Grammar Day in the UK this month (March 4th was for Americans only) but that doesn’t mean we can’t show love to fellow grammar lovers with a penchant for interior design. And in honour of our writers and grammar fans, we’ve put together our top tips for styling a home office fit for a writer’s retreat – from comfy chairs to studious accessories.

Home office chair ideas

Along with a sturdy writing desk, a comfy home office chair is the most important thing to get right when exploring ideas for your home office. There’s lots of styles to choose from – modern, traditional, mid-century – but whichever you opt for, make sure it’s got a padded seat and allows you to move your arms and elbows freely. This low Moroccan armchair is as comfy as they come, while this reclined mid-century armchair is perfect for relaxed musing with your notepad in hand. For a practical piece, choose an armless design – like this low, padded white armchair.


Home office lighting ideas

To protect your eyes, and keep you writing for years to come, good lighting is key when styling a functional home office. Whether you prefer an overhead pendant or a combination of wall lamps and table lamps, make sure they can handle a bright bulb, and give off a light that’s illuminating without being too clinical and mood-destroying. This gold chandelier floor lamp is inspiring and intriguing, as is this webbed ceiling pendant. While this yellow LED floor lamp is an energy efficient choice.


Home office accessories ideas

Make your home office a space that’s as inviting as it is inspiring – that way, you won’t put off spending time in there. To keep it cosy, choose a scented designer candle paired with some statement throws for if it gets colds. Then, breathe life into your space with a set of mini basket planters, and a rattan wall mirror to reflect your natural light source.

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