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Hiding in Plain Sight: Minimising the TV

It’s 2022, and let’s face it. We’re addicted to technology, and pretty much everyone one of us has a tv at home. Whether it’s a big, hulking behemoth or a slick Frame, you’ve probably got one and it’s probably in a pretty prominent place.

If you’re reading this, we can bet you’re a fan of home décor. You’ve spent hours curating that perfect living room or your dream bedroom like an interior designer. But you find yourself stuck on one thing: the tv. Luckily, however, it doesn’t actually have to be a focal point. In fact, we’ve got some ingenious tips so that your tv can blend into the background, visible only when you’re ready to watch the rugby or binge the new season of Squid Game. They may not be Instagrammable. They may not be glamorous. But they are certainly here to stay.

Ready to hide your tv in plain sight? Let’s do this.

Strength in numbers

We love a good gallery wall – particularly when it comes to minimising the presence of a television. Creating a layered effect on the wall where you’ve hung the tv helps draw the eye around to more beautiful things and allows the electronics to fade away. Bold colours, serious scale and intriguing dimension make for an ideal mix.

Behind closed doors

If you’ve got the space and the budget (wouldn’t that be nice?!) custom cabinetry really can’t be beat when it comes to distracting from the tv. With stunning custom-built cupboards, you can make the tv – or at least the area where your tv lives – a point of visual interest. Experiment with bright colours like Farrow & Ball’s Sudbury Yellow to spice things up or go in a subtler, more neutral direction with a shade darker or lighter than what you’ve got on your walls. Don’t want something so permanent? House your television inside a statement piece like our Homage to Mondrian Cabinet. A few well-placed holes in the back will work well for snaking cords to outlets. And brilliant doors will make your tv all but a hazy memory once snugly shut.

Curtain call

A little more novel an approach, sure, but we love the idea of hanging a little Roman shade or a soft tapestry just above a flat screen tv. When you’re ready to watch, the shade or the tapestry pulls up. Finished tonight’s episode of Jeopardy? A light pull, and the tv is hidden away behind a bit of beautiful fabric.

Let it shine

Life’s short, so if you have one of those f**k you televisions and you love it, we say, “Lean in.” Mount the tv on the wall and let it become a piece of art. You use it pretty much every day, so why beat around the bush? Invest in an amazing sound system and transform your home into a temple of entertainment. Sure, your design-y friends may turn up their noses, but when the Oscars roll around, we can bet they’ll all be clambering for a spot on your sofa.

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