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Healthy Escapes for a New Year, New You

Every year when January rolls around, we find ourselves dragging. Though the holidays are fun, sometimes they’re a bit too much fun. We’ve eaten far too much, we’ve drank more than we set out to, we’ve certainly overspent. So, as usual, we find ourselves facing the new year with an aching desire to find the new “us”. We are ready to be refreshed, renewed, and reborn.

And where better to do that than anywhere but home?

La dolce vita

Sure, most people head to Italy in summer, but why not beat the crowds and go for some serious rest and relaxation? Villa Lena is just as dreamy in the chillier months. The 500-hectare property is perfect for long, contemplative walks.

The hills are alive

If you really want to make a change (or at least feel like you did), there’s no place more suited to a personal renaissance than Lanserhof. Embrace integrative wellness in incredible Tyrol and come out a brand-new person.

Oceans Twelve

Whether or not you wish they all could be California girls, you’ll certainly wish you could stay a California person for good once you check in to Twelve Senses. This beautiful, holistic B&B is the ideal place from which to explore Encinitas’ healers, artisans and natural beauty.

Into Africa

A little sun and a lot of solace are just what the doctor ordered come January. Hop on a plane and head to Marrakech to spend a peaceful week lounging by the pool at El Fenn. Fresh squeezed orange juice and warming spices will be a welcome detox after weeks of heavy holiday food.

Texas, forever

When you think of Texas, you probably think of cowboy hats, big hair and honkytonks. Slowly but surely, however, Austin has been giving Texas a serious makeover – and one that’s focused on wellness. Book a stay at luxury sanctuary Miraval Austin to elevate your wellbeing with a Texas twist.

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