Flân’ Club: We hosted our first Apartement dinner

Twenty guests gathered in the heart of Chelsea, at our friend and fellow Flâneur Jacques-Louis de la Beraudiere’s, for the first of Maison Flaneur’s Appartement series dinner party. Delicious food cooked by Lowell Delaney & Aurelia Donaldson (Allmost Agency), the concept was simple: everything on the table and certain objects of decoration came from partnered destinations.

The plates were from the Frenchie Covent Garden in London, the glasses from l’hotel Amour in Paris, the candle holders from Coal Office by Tom Dixon and the ceramic cups from the El Fenn in Morocco, etc. We gathered a young and vibrant crowd, from designers to architects, journalists, and travelers, in tech or in the arts in an intimate and homey setting;
From Duncan Campbell and Charlotte Rey, the talented minds behind the eponymous creative agency, to Delilah Khomo, Tatler’s travel editor, Anissa Kermiche, designer extraordinaire and Yasmine Larizadeh from the Good Life Eatery amongst others.
Because hosting at home and sharing experiences are at the core of Maison Flaneur’s DNA, we wanted to bring our concept to life by celebrating the art of dinner parties. It was a time to celebrate the people and places we work with, from French artist Laetitia Rouget to the artisanal ceramics from Carolina Irving and daughters.
And we had one hell of a good time.

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