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Flân’ Club: The Fife Arms, Braemar, Scotland

Located in the village of Braemar, Scotland (home to the largest gathering of the Highland Games and located just a few miles from the royal Balmoral Estate), the Fife Arms, owned by the Hauser & Wirth founders Iwan and Manuela Wirth, opened in December 2018.

Interior designer Russell Sage and architect Ben Addy restored the former 19th-century hunting lodge built by the Duke of Fife to resemble a private country house. Inspired by the traditions of Braemar and Scotland, the hotel will feature 46 rooms and an extensive art collection, including more than 12,000 pieces commissioned by leading international artists such as Subodh Gupta and Richard Jackson. It is surrounded by the majestic landscape of Royal Deeside. thefifearms.com.

Text by Architectural Digest.

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