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Flân’ Club: Melanie Lissack, London, UK

Melanie Lissack is a triple award-winning Interior & Home, DIY & Decorating blogger. She focuses on creating contemporary interiors with cleverly sourced items. Her website is an incredibly well-curated source of inspiration and a total Flaneur paradise. The color expert and bold pattern lover shares with us her philosophy and a few of her favourite addresses. Welcome to the flân’ club.


How would you describe your apartment in one word?

What makes a home in one word?

How would you describe your taste in one word?

Define bad taste in interiors?
I would never want to dismiss anyone’s taste but I don’t like it when there has been no effort or thought put into a home.

Where do you find your inspiration for interior design?
Everywhere – magazines, nature, flowers, Pinterest and Instagram being key!

Describe your philosophy when it comes to decoration?
Just give it a go and follow your heart. If you don’t like it, you can always change it later on.

Your favourite object in your home?
My David Hunt Lighting ceiling pendant.

Your favourite hotel in the world?
I do not travel as much as I used to before I had my son, but I recently stayed at the Queensbury Hotel in Bath and loved the decor.

Favourite address for decoration in London/ in the world? 
Every time I go to a Soho House haunt I’m always astounded at the interiors.

Melanie’s selection:

Melanie Lissack

Melanie Lissack

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