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Flân’ Club: Lofos bar, Greece

On the outskirts of the suburban area of Kilkis, in the northern part of Greece, is an art bistro bar, where the design of high aesthetics meets delicious cocktails. The ‘’Lofos bar’’ is a masterclass of contemporary hospitality interior design. Ark4Lab of Architecture has used an assortment of red tones and clashing materials to create a “mosaic” of spaces inside the cafe.

The cocktail bar occupies a 1970s building that is punctuated by large rectangular, pentagonal, and circular windows – the only feature which the studio opted to keep in its overhaul of the space. ‘’Lofos bar’’ is a space that borrows elements and forms from past decades, highly influenced by postmodernism, and expresses them through a minimalistic approach.  

The consistency in applying successive regular geometries on different scales of design, varying from the lighting fixtures to the furniture design, in addition to the way the space is structured overall, with a clear color palette in the shades of red, plum, terracotta and pink tones creating a harmonious feeling. Contrast is offered to the overall colour scheme by a series of pendant lamps, which appear as folded, sky-blue discs. The materials used are marbled strip coverings, velvet, terracotta mosaic, wooden surfaces, greenery in handmade clay pots as well as black marble coverings with golden detailing.

“The variation in colours and materiality – as well as the two-level division – blend [the bar] harmoniously into a mosaic of spaces, each one of them with a unique and distinguishable quality,” added the studio.

Our main goal was to create a minimal and modern space without hiding its existing identity

George Tyrothoulakis, the architect at Ark4Lab of Architecture, told Dezeen


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