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Flân’ Club: Jean Cazals, Photographer, London

Based in Notting Hill, the award-winning photographer, Jean Cazals turns his lens on aesthetic food and lifestyle shots. With decades of experience in advertising, portraiture and editorial photography his expertise is evident in his client portfolio which includes ELLE, Fauchon, and Haagen Dazs. Meet our fellow Flâneur.

The best interiors you have ever shot?

It is difficult to say.  I would say Caitlin and Samuel Dowe-Sandes house, from ‘Popham Design’,  in Marrakech.

The most memorable dish you shot?

There are so many. But one whilst shooting Pierre Gagnaire’s ‘Sketch’ book.

What’s your favourite type of location to shoot?

Abroad: traveling gets my mojo working!

How would you describe your house in one word?

Africa meets the Far East. With kilim tapestry, candles and my 3 Tonkinese cats: Memphis, Roxy, and Harley

How would you describe your taste in one word?

Eclectic. I love mixing contemporary, ethnic and organic. a touch of classic ’50s and 40’s furniture and a touch of colours.

Define bad taste in interiors?

Bad taste good taste, what does it really mean? I would only say that interior decor works visually when there are harmony, soul and a mood; Whatever it is. Even chaos can be harmonious if well balanced and curated.

Describe your philosophy when it comes to decoration?

It has to be visually pleasing and confortable. A mix of key pieces with key objects reflecting yourself. It must not be a ‘show’ flat/house. The style got to perspire as you walk through the house almost like walking through somebody’s mind, revealing their travel and soul.

Your favourite object in your home?

My Mariano Fortuny floor lamp from 1907. What an iconic design. I never get bored of looking at it.

Your favourite hotel in the world?

It depends on the city where you’re staying! The Jnane Tamsna in the Palmeraie of Marrakech was the last one I stayed at and loved.

Your favourite restaurant in the world?

The French Laundry in San Fransisco and Roka in London.


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