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Flân’ Club: 2LG Studio, London, UK

We are proud to introduce you to the creative duo behind the London Interior design studio 2LG. Expect simplicity, elegance, functionality, and a very playful signature use of colour from Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead’s work. “With one eye on the past and the other on the future, we believe that each element of your space should have a voice of its own and speak about you in some way” they explain. Supporting local artisans and up and coming designers, make sure to follow their incredibly joyful Instagram account @2lgstudio. We’ve asked the boys ten questions about interior design, from one flâneur to another.

2LG Studio in one word.

How would you describe your apartment in one word.

What makes a home in one word.
A dachshund

How would you describe your taste in one word?

Define bad taste in interiors?

Where do you find your inspiration for interior design?
Theatre, Film, Fashion, Art, Nature, Music.

Describe your philosophy when it comes to decoration.
Brave, playful, happy. We love to let architecture guide us and we use colour to bring life. Our interiors are spaces that facilitate a happy life.

Your favourite object in your home.
A small white broken porcelain horse.

Your favourite hotel in the world.
Soho Farmhouse, UK.

Favourite address for decoration in London/ in the world.
We find the National Theatre an inspiring building and Sketch still holds the crown for the most beautiful dining room.


Megan Taylor


Megan Taylor

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