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Festive furnishing: spare bedroom decorating ideas

‘Tis the season for spare bedroom decorating ideas. Why? Because the Christmas and holiday season means inviting guests to stay, which in turn makes giving your spare room a makeover – or creating a guest space in another room – a top priority. So for the first in our festive furnishing series, we’ve compiled our favourite ideas for decorating your spare bedroom – from guest bedroom colour and style ideas, to multi-purpose room solutions. That way, you can give guests coming to town for Christmas a 5* stay.

Make it cosy 

The festive season is the most cosy of them all. And because your guests will be spending part of their season away from their home comforts, make your spare bedroom cosy and comfortable to create the home-from-home feeling, and keep things festive. Plus, cosy is a look that works all year round – meaning you won’t have to switch it up after Santa leaves. This set of two terracotta candlesticks will help amp up the ambience, while a velvet throw pillow will add inviting texture to your guest bed. Add a handmade textured rug in rich colours, and match it with a snuggly pom pom throw – cosy mission accomplished.

Make it warm

While we mostly associate the traditional decor style with the festive season, when decking your halls it’s important to remember that a spare bedroom is for life – not just for Christmas. But to make sure your room’s welcoming for guests who are feeling festive, try the industrial look in your spare bedroom – its metallic accents and rich, deep tones create the same effect. This black and gold bedside lamp has a luxe look, while this geometric throw quilt is cosy without sacrificing style. If you prefer a modern decor look in your guest bedroom, go for an all black chrome floor lamp instead – with the main lights off, it’ll keep things atmospheric and inviting.

Make it functional

If you don’t have a designated separate spare bedroom, adding sleeping functionality to one of your lesser-used rooms is a great way to create a multi-purpose space. When creating a spare bedroom office, aim for a separated yet seamless style – a large floor rug is a great way to create boundaries between the two halves of the room. Then, keep the spare bedroom space extra cosy with warm tones, textures and luxe metallic accents. A gold leaf chandelier is regal and ambient, while this yellow cotton throw is lush and inviting – a great way to create a cosy sleeping corner.

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