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Festive Flâneur: Our 2020 Gift Guides

We blinked, and somehow, it’s practically Christmas. With only a few weeks left, we’ve got one thing and one thing only on the brain: presents. This year, we decided that with all of this newfound time on our hands, we would avoid those frenzied, pre-celebration hours spent searching for last minute gifts. This year, we’re getting organised early.

To make things a bit easier for you, we’ve done all the shopping for you. We’ve made our list and checked it twice, and now we’re sharing it with you!

Go for the gold.

Sure, not all that glitters is gold, but a little glimmer here and there can add a lot of glamour. These gifts will ensure everyone feels like the ultimate golden child. A cafetiere with a dainty gold handle and a lapis espresso cup rimmed in gold make mornings an elegant affair, while hammered brass serving dishes, gold-edged dinnerware and brushed brass cutlery are the perfect way to elevate even the humblest of meals. There’s no such thing as gilding the lily.

Life in (techni)colour.

It may be grey and slushy outside, but that’s all the more reason to brighten your world. Inject a little colour into life with the best, most prismatic gifts. Though they may not be jetting off anywhere anytime soon, jazz up their coffee table with a book that instantly transports them to sunnier days, while Poolside FM drips lazily from cheery speakers in robin’s egg blue. Shed a little light on those pages with a patterned Chinoz table lamp. And don’t let dinner be dull and dreary! Help dress up their table, holiday or not, with beautiful hand painted dessert plates. Mix and match colours to truly taste the rainbow.

Get the green light.

Everybody else will be green with envy when friends and family unwrap these gorgeous, earthy gifts. Turns out green looks good on everyone. Carolina Irving and Daughters know how to make green look great – just check out their shapely hand painted serving bowl. Fanciful emerald cotton coasters hint at lush country gardens, and grained wood platters illuminated by intricately woven rattan lampshades take ‘back to nature’ and make it chic.

Make it a red letter day.

Get seriously festive with candy cane hues and dynamic shapes. There’s nothing sweeter than putting a big smile on someone’s face with the perfect gift. Eye catching stripes make these cushions impossibly inviting, especially when bathed in the soft ruby glow of alabaster light holders. Throw in a one-of-a-kind vase and a St. Moritz-bound mouse for good measure, and you’ve got the perfect Christmas setup.

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