Feeling the winter blues? Here’s our favourite interior colours to combat the grey weather. - Maison Flâneur
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Feeling the winter blues? Here’s our favourite interior colours to combat the grey weather.

With Christmas and New Year over, Spring can feel like a long time away – with not much to look forward to between now and then. But did you know that using the principles of colour therapy to give your home a 2020 makeover could be a great way to combat the January blues? Certain colours are known to encourage specific feelings and emotions – so if you add pops of these colours into your home for the New Year, you’ll set yourself up for a more upbeat and energised start to the decade. Here’s our favourite interior colours to combat the grey weather, and give your home a simple New Year makeover.

Get back to nature with terracotta

With the temperatures so low for the coming months, going outside loses its appeal – which means it can be hard to remember the peaceful feelings that nature can inspire. But why not bring them indoors instead? Earthy tones, like terracotta and other neutrals, can recreate this feeling indoors, helping you to feel more grounded and at ease after a long day at work. Keep it simple, with pared-back terracotta accessories like this ceramic terracotta-coloured body vase, or tall terracotta candle holder. Or, if you’re feeling more playful, go a little bolder with a statement orange pendant lamp.

Energise your space with green

Green’s a vibrant, energising colour – thanks to its connotations of thriving flora and summers outside of the city. And adding green to your New Year makeover can recreate this feeling at home, meaning it’s an especially good shade to use in your home office. There are lots of shades of green to choose from too, making it a versatile colour palette that’ll complement any decor style. Try adding a green industrial light pendant to more modern rooms, or a small green vase to your dining table, to feel this hue’s natural benefit. Or for a more playful look, try a green African beaded ornament, or this green suspension lamp.

Get inspired with blue

Although the phrase ‘January blues’ doesn’t paint a great picture, blue is actually a calming, tranquil colour associated with creativity when used in your New Year makeover. And with plenty of shades to choose from – from pretty light blue, to rich navy and playful Mediterranean blue – it’s an easy shade to add to any existing interior palette. If you’re unsure, start small with a blue striped cotton cushion or blue linen infinity cushion. And if you’re adding blue to your home office to inspire creative business ideas, try this blue table lamp or modern blue aluminium speaker.

Heat it up with red

It might seem obvious, but adding warm tones to your interior design colour palette in January is a great way to beat the cold temperatures outside. And when it comes to hot colours, red’s the obvious choice. While red can feel like a tricky shade to style, we recommend starting small – adding a red mini pendant lamp or red and white cushion – to larger spaces. While if you want to go all out, this red handwoven rug is bold and beautiful.

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