Bottoms Up


Enamoured of unique pieces and beautiful interiors, we’ve always wanted to bring great design to our community. We believe that every object has not just an origin but an origin story – and one worth telling; they know that great design comes from great designers.

Anissa Kermiche is a woman of dualities – an engineer and a creative, a rebel with a penchant for the classics. Her designs reflect this polarity, balancing the playful with the sensual, the timeless with the trendy. Everything she creates from earrings to vases to objets d’art embody her spirit and her style.

Together we are thrilled to present a collection of delicate, sculpted glasses. This cheeky glassware borrows its form from Kermiche’s classic Popotins and comes in a dizzying array of beautiful pastels.


It is the Perfect Christmas Gift

What a Gl(ass)

Anissa Kermiche’s classic Popotin gets a Maison Flâneur makeover in delicate handblown glass. Choose from rose, ochre, cerulean or classic clear for your own pair of hips. They’ll dress up any table – no ifs, ands or butts about it.


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