Autumn - Maison Flâneur

Our Autumn Selection

There are all the elements here for the perfect Autumn setting. Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner or a friendly get-together? Think no more, the answer is below. Autumnal tones, mushrooms, and falling leaves add a beautiful centerpiece and you are all set.


Mushroom Plate Bundle

The mushroom collection has a romantic connection, that represents where man and nature acquire new dimensions. This atemporal design is suitable for all kind of set ups.


Our Dimanche Vaisselle Exclusive

The Amore Mio red plate will undoubtedly be the best ally of your meals and snacks. Its deep red will certainly make any sweet dish romantic, from morning to night and from Monday to Sunday.


The Perfect Handblown Glassware 

A beautiful handblown water glass and Carafe made by Egyptian artisans in Cairo. The stunning borosilicate glass is incredibly light and features a joyful bobble design.


Ceramics of Dreams

he beautiful design features blossoming flowers in the well of the bowl with delightful symmetrical flowers curving up to the edges in a circular design.


The Right Candleholders

A beautiful handblown glass candle holder designed made by Egyptian artisans in Cairo. Egypt has a rich history of glassblowing dating back well over 3000 years and the artisans today continue the craft that has been passed down the generations. As the light dances off and through these elegant candlesticks, they an eye-catching addition to a mantelpiece or dining table


Foliage by Thyme Hotel

The Copper Beech’s distinctive leaves are deep purple in the spring, turning to a coppery hue in the autumn. As the season turns from autumn to winter, the woody beech nut cups release their nutty treasure. The decorative and sturdy tree has been planted in landscaped gardens and parks for centuries and our Copper Beech tree stands tall at the end of the Manor garden.


The Unique ‘Chemin du Potager’ Runner

Incredibly refined embroidered table runner. The intricate embroideries will elevate your table and give it charm and character.


And Wicker 

Our range of woven wicker table mats are perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm to your dining set up. Keep it consistent with the same colour or mix and match for a more playful look.


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